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    Default Longer nap???

    Just wondering how to get my toddler to take longer naps?
    DD sleeps between 10/12 hours a night ( waking A few times due to teething ) and we have just transitioned her to 1 nap a day. She usually sleep 1 1/4 hour max 1 1/2? I doesnt seem to be enough as she is cranky and upset shortly after waking?
    Any tips on how to get her to take longer naps?

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    what time does she usually go down? Would it be possible to push her day sleep back a little bit?

    E.g. if you normally put her down at 12, maybe try 12.30 or 1 if she isnt too grumpy??
    Or maybe some quiet time before hand to relax her might help sleep longer?
    Could you plan some busy activities in the mornings? Visit the park for some running/climbing, feed the ducks at a lake, dancing inside to music etc to make her more tired?

    Sorry im not too much help, My DS dropped himself to 1 day sleep at 8.5months and was only sleeping that long, but now he is almost 2 (in 6 weeks) and sleeps an average of 3 hours!! But it was a gradual thing. He only sleeps 10ish hours overnight most nights, wakes up once anywhere from 2-7am for comfort from me but goes back to sleep instantly.

    He goes down for his nap after lunch. He eats around 12-12.30....and goes down around 1-1.30 (2 on a bad day). He will sleep till 4, and sometimes im having to open doors, curtains etc at 5 to wake him.

    I just went with the flow and he just done it in his own time. But i know thats not always practical or a really good answer. Im a SAHM, and he is my only bub, so i could be flexible.

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    Default Longer nap???

    How old is she?
    Is she breast or bottle fed?
    Do you put her down for a nap after a feed/bottle?

    My daughter used to sleep a good two hours during the day. Sometimes longer. I can't really remember what I did other than putting her down with her bottle.

    Maybe try to put her to bed at night a bit later? Then with an hour less sleep at night she might "make up for it" during the day?

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    Each child is different but my DS (2yrs) wake around 7am then has a nap at noon (12.30 at the lastest) for about 2.5 hours...although yesterday he slepts for 3.5. My DD (4yrs) does the same but doesnt nap as long. I find the 2 most important thing are... 1. to get out of the house and wear them out and 2. make sure they have plenty to eat during the morning. This is what my kids eat on average in the morning...a whole sandwich,2-3 pieces of fruit, cheese, rice crackers and sometimes a roll from the shops or a milk shake. Remember, is your bub/child is napping at midday, they dont have lunch so make sure you give them enough food to account for that.
    Also, set a routine and give it a week or so/
    Good luck


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