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    My kids range from 19 down to bub, so I have had plenty of experience with kids getting into mischief. Some of mine were masters between ages of 2 to 7.

    Personality is the biggest factor and then of course dad being away and than there are the other triggers being bored or just seeing the opportunity and it being just to hard to resist.

    Kids brain are still learning about consequences so they may not be at the stage where they even think about at the moment a opportunity arises. They say it takes until we are in our 20's for this to fully develop. Every child develops at different rates. Boys often take longer than girls. So keep going with the consequences and they will learn in time.

    On what they should be and how strong well that is really up to you as you are the only one who knows your kids. I know what consequence I give dd3 wouldn't even register to dd2. And dd2 would crush dd3.

    Right now ds3 is driving me batty.
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    Default Re: Making mischief - how do my kids rank on the cheekiness scale!?

    Anewme I love reading your wise posts

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    Haha, ok- this is not my child but my niece. She's trouble with a capital T! (But oh so cute! )

    She was 2. At my Mum's house, my Mum and sister were in the kitchen chatting- niece was in Mum's room playing at the front of the house. Front door was open but screen was closed and locked. Mum's windows are floor to ceiling and one was open but it has a fly screen and 2 layers of curtains. A knock on the front door reveals a stranger holding said niece in hand and asking "Is this your child? I caught her as she was climbing out the window". She has pushed the screen out and climbed out the window. At 2!

    Another instance, I came home from work to find my niece (again 2yrs old) in the front seat of my sisters car with all windows down and the car on but not running. I assumed my sister was out the front somewhere (maybe washing the car?), when I have not seen her, I grabbed my niece, turned off the car and went inside. My sister had left my niece with my Dad while she ran down the shops with my Mum. My Dad said he had only checked on her 10min prior. she had gotten my sisters keys off the bench and decided to get closer acquainted with the car.

    She's trouble that one!

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    OP no doubt their crazy behaviour is very stressful for you especially having to deal with it on your own

    But if it's any consilation, your post made me smile. What happy lucky kids to have their best mate at home, and a mum that lets them be kids. They're going to grow up with many many happy memories of when they were growing up

    I personally have a 3 year old, an 18 month old and am 24 weeks pregnant. My two get up to PLENTY of mischeif together, but at this point they're still at the stage that my eyes pretty much never ever come off them, so I don't get into situations like the poo or paint or washing liquid just yet. By the time my son is 6 I'll have a 6 year old a 4.5 year old and a nearly 3 year old, so I can just imagine the sort of mischeif they'll get up to together!

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    LOL the cheeky buggers alright!


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