Hi everyone,

We've just bought a Safety 1st Shuttle Stroller, but I think we really should have looked around a lot more first before buying. The shop assistants told us that it would be suitable for a newborn, but looking at it properly now, it seems to have been made just for toddlers, and to use it for newborns would require the capsule at additional cost. Although the seat reclines back, it doesn't lie flat, and a baby would have to lie with its legs stuck up in the air. I know a lot of people have raved about this stroller as part of a travel system when they have bought the infant capsule to go with it, but we really don't need or want a travel system and weren't looking to spend any extra money on the capsule.

I was quite drawn in by the larger wheels on this pram, as it looked suitable for walking for fitness (I have no idea if it is actually meant as a fitness pram). But I'm not happy with the recline for babies, and can't see how a baby would be comfortable in it. I've read that young babies shouldn't spend too long in a position that doesn't have them lying flat. I'm thinking about the possibility, too that the baby may stay in the pram all day if I'm out for the day. I've had a look through other forum posts but can't find anything on this particular question. Can anyone tell me if this stroller is really suitable for younger and newborn babies (stroller only, without the infant capsule attachment)? Or is it only really meant for toddlers?