best of luck lovely, hope your journey is swift.

I don't know about me. In month one I was all okay to go and layby a new pram and stuff. now I don't even care to do my research and I am an obsessive researcher.

bleh this whole ttc business sucks. I don't ever resent someone an easy journey because I wouldn't wish the heartache of a long or rocky one on anyway, but that doesn't mean i dont feel envious and sometimes a little annoyed (of thos who don't want them or don't appreciate them) when others get preg easily. But in real life I know more people who have been through heartache ttcing than not.

One of my friends is heartbroken after her first month of ttcing and getting her af. someone told her to suck it up it will take a while. that is cruel. Like I said to her it doesn't matter if it is your first month or 10th month. bfn's are hard to take, just the longer you go the more jaded you get about ttcing and that can make bfns hard. but in that first month also you don't expect that bfn as you are still excited so that can also make it hard to take.

ah it is hard being a grown up. Am currently having normal af is coming symptoms (big a55 sore random acne spot, cramp, cranky, insomnia) so am consoling self with glass of wine