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    Once I stopped breastfeeding my daughter changed completely from a little monkey at bed time to a totally awesome little girl to get to sleep. She just always wanted booby to get to sleep. We then had a few hiccups... long term visitors and illness and then she was hard to get to sleep again. Went to the health clinic and they gave me a great brochure on getting kids to sleep. I followed it to a tee and she is good to get to sleep and sleeps right through (she's 20 months old). Basically routine is a great thing. We bath her at 7pm, read her a book (t.v. is turned off) and then she gives everyone a good night kiss and goes to bed at 7.30pm. Awesome. We had to do the cry to sleep thing by putting her to bed, cry for 5 minutes, check on her for 1 minute and comfort her without picking her up and then leaving her again. cry for 7 minutes then 1 minute check again. Keep putting up the time between checks by 2 minutes. We had her sleeping through again by the 3rd night when she went to sleep after 2 minutes of crying. Since then.. perfect. Breastfeeding to me was the bane of my life and I'm glad I stopped it.

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    my little girl who is 1 is exactly the same - cries for 10-15mins before bed EVERY NIGHT unless she is utterly exhausted. i find its her way of putting herself to sleep. Sometimes if it goes for longer or she wakes up again i will go in and comfort her, rock her. But i find if i do that too much she wakes up during the night. Her crying means she sleeps thru the night no problems. Its a bit stressful sometimes but everyone gets a good night sleep

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    Your DD's routine sound very similar to mine. I bought her a special 'bedtime teddy' that stays in the cot and she only gets it at naps and bedtime. I've found that it makes her happy to go into her cot, she rolls over and hugs him as soon as I've put her down. Some nights I hear her talking to him before she goes to sleep - it's very cute and much better than crying like she used to! Good luck!


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