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    Quote Originally Posted by SAgirl View Post
    I can try that tomorrow. I don't know if it will work though

    How long did this go on for for you? It's been 2 weeks for us, possibly 3, except the first week I wasn't aware as I ha to sleep next to him while we were overseas so he slept fine, but if we were home it probably would have started then already

    I read online that it could be coz he's about to talk (he's doing so much more babble lately) and lots more simple words.

    Or I've read it is just the age.
    Hi SAgirl,

    I have a 18mth old (and 2 older kids) and you mentioning that you had an overseas trip in this post stood out. I have found with all my children that it only takes a break such as a holiday, especially with bub sleeping with/near you, to change their sleep pattern. We recentl went away over Xmas, and my DS played up after we got home, as he wanted to continue having me in with him when he slpet!

    I have found what I call the "slow withdrawal method" to get past it. I dont believe in CIO, but I have found co-sleeping just doesn't work for us (Bub too restless, so no-one gets any sleep), so I graduall over a week or so withdraw how much time I spend in the nursery.
    I start by following the usual bedtime routine (dinner bath, bed etc), put him in his cot. If he cries I will go in and give cuddle, place him back in his cot, telling him its "nigh-nighs" time. If he cries again, I go in, sit on a chair by the cot and tell him I will give him a pat, and sit there and pat him til he is sleepy - I try not to stay til he is asleep, but sometimes I have had to. EAch night I pat less, just leaving my hand on him, then just sit next to the cot and "shhhh" him. I think you get the jist!!

    I have used this with 3 kids and it has definitely helped them learn to sleep on their own. I do agree it is an age thing as well, all 3 of mine have had sleep disturbance at around that age, due to wanting me with them (sep. anxiety related I think).

    Anyway, I hope that helps, something to try anyway
    Good luck

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    Default DS is having major sleep issues

    Thanks kaybaby

    I have been waiting for him to fall asleep in the evenings and last night was a good night where he slept through till 4:30, he then cried so I just went and slept in the floor in his room because I was so exhausted.

    I've finally managed to get a referral for trisillian! So hopefully I get in soon and I can get some support while doing this.

    I've been so exhausted lately and the crying just gets too much for me

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    I'm glad last night was better Trisillian get back to you very soon


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