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    Default Re: Bubs sleeping in their own room = Sleep through early?

    Quote Originally Posted by missie_mack View Post
    My DS slept through from 6 weeks. When he went into his own room around age 1, he started waking again. We then bed shared with him and found that whilst he still stirred he went to back quicker and sooner than he did in his own bed, even in the same room.

    My DD has rarely slept through regardless of where she sleeps.

    Generally I find formula fed babies are more likely to sleep through as they go often go longer cycles without food as formula takes longer to digest... making them less hungry.
    gosh I wish this was the case for me. DS2 is 30 months old and started sleeping through a week ago and has been formula fed since he was 5 days old.

    DS1 was 3 before he started sleeping through and he was formula fed from early on though not as early as DS2. I think it's a myth personally and depends on the bub and their personality as well.

    oh and both my kids were in their own rooms by 2 months old as I am an extremely light sleeper and couldn't sleep with them in the room with me.

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    Two big babies, both in their own rooms since birth. Both exclusively bf.

    Neither of them have read the sleep through manual. DS1 slept through the night for the first time when he was 3 years old.

    DS2 is 8 months old. On a good night he wakes up 4 times. On a bad night it's every 45 minutes ... And that's after a week sleep school at 5 months where even the nurses shook their heads and made me a cup of tea!

    I think some babies just do ... And I don't have those babies

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    DD is 3 months and she slepts through the night! She co sleeps with me on my bed and for the past few nights shes been in her cot beside my bed because I am too scared that she might fall off the bed in the mid of the night lol
    DS is now almost 2 and he was a terrible sleeper, also slept in our room till 19 months and always wakes up few times a night!
    one of my friends DS slept in his room from birth and he is now 9 months old and slept throught he night since 4~5 months, but they used the CIO method.
    I never let me babies CIO

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    Default Bubs sleeping in their own room = Sleep through early?

    I think it depends on whether you believe sleep training is 'essential' or not.

    An demand fed Ff baby will behave similarly to a bf baby with possibly longer stretches of sleep.

    A baby only fed at certain times is more likely so sleep 'through' earlier as they know they are not going to be fed overnight.

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    My baby, almost 5 months old, has recently gone from breast to bottle (because of my medicines) and he has also gone in to his own room. He now sleeps through MOST nights, or only waking once for a feed.

    Before this, we were lucky if he slept 45 minutes at a time. He was demand fed and in our room.

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    Default Re: Bubs sleeping in their own room = Sleep through early?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2TwoDSs View Post
    Hmmmm my DH and I have been chatting about babies who have slept through at a young age eg few weeks to 6 months.

    He insists that these babies must have been sleeping in their own room rather than with their parents.

    We are curious and wonder what the truth is.

    If your bub slept through at a very young age, is it really true that he/she has been sleeping in his/her own room?

    He tends to think that our two kids don't sleep through at such age cos they were in our room from birth. He feels that if we put our bub in the furthest room of the house he will soon learn to sleep through cos we would tune out his cries being so far away (of cos we aren't going to do this!) . I really don't agree fully cos our bub is super loud and persistent/fierce when he cries, boy he has got these giant set of lungs...even if I was in the garden, I can hear him cry in our room and our land size is 800 SQm, garden one end, my bedroom the other end.
    My ds has slept in his own room from birth. And he slept through from about 6 weeks. His now 5 months.
    Next baby I have will go straight to their own room also.

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    When ds was born he was in our room in his bassinet until 5mths old when he outgrew the bassinet and went into the cot in his own room. His sleep was up and down for a while due to him having a hard time teething but as soon as that passed it was great and he has been a tremendous sleeper ever since.

    When ds2 was born he was also in our room in the bassinet until he outgrew it and went into his own room at 5mths. He was a good sleeper as a newborn but then hit the 4mth mark and was a shocker. I was recommended the "sleep sense guide" and read it and followed it and now he is an awesome sleeper and has been since he was 9mths old.

    Neither of our boys had dummies or other aids to assist sleep. Nor have I had to stay there rocking them to sleep etc. Keeping them sleeping in our room wasn't an option as our room is just that "ours" meaning mine and dh's. When transitioning from cot to bed, if ds1 wandered in during the night he would be put back into his bed, we never allowed habits to form. We also don't jump up at every noise our kids make, if ds2 wakes through the night I know by his cry if he needs attending to or not otherwise he is left for 10mins unless he is screaming which usually isn't the case, he usually puts himself back to sleep. I will attend to him after that time if he hasn't settled. Those times are few and far between nowadays though It's great having good sleepers.

    i think a lot depends on the child itself as to how well he/she does or doesn't sleep and also your style of parenting.


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