I'm doing IVF for baby number 3 (I have a 4yo and almost 2yo, both boys). Before I started I was really relaxed and calm and thinking that because it's the third time I won't get stressed out. It could take some time and that's ok.. I won't turn into a crazy lady like the last times. I don't even need the bubhub ladies!

LOL well that didn't go to plan. I've just completed my 2WW for my FET and it looks like I'm miscarrying. I've been on cloud 9 and an emotional wreck all in the space of a few days. Last week, I cheated and got my GP to do a BT when my HPT came up positive. Suspected something was wrong as my levels were low and slow to rise. They were 6 last week, then 17 and today back to 6. I was actually relieved because it means that it's probably not ectopic and it will go away on its own. Will wait now for AF and try again next cycle. Anyone wanna join me? Feeling positive about the next one.