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    Default 34weeks and pre eclampsia

    For the 4th time this pregnancy and all within the last 8 weeks I have been admitted to hospital for overnight observation of my Bp.
    I'm currently on aldomet 500mg 3 times a day, 100mg of aspirin and 40mg clexane injection once a day.
    The last 5 Bp readings have been
    125/83 (Tuesday)
    140/100 " "
    130/83 " "
    125/90. " "

    My blood tests have come back a little worse than what they were- didn't get a detailed description of them though. She said they are borderline but definetley not getting any better. And my urine for the past 6 weeks has always had a reading of more than 2+ protein. Today it was 4+. I have had a headache for 2 days, my vision hasn't been too bad but will generally see white spots and black floating spots every so often and I have mild swelling of the ankles and feet.
    My Bp doesn't seem that bad or is that my misunderstanding?
    I guess I'm just frustrated at feeling fine but being admitted to hospital for something that usually settles down quite quickly.
    Does anyone have any info or advice they could share with me? Or questions I should be asking?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: 34weeks and pre eclampsia

    I had hbp and pre eclampsia it's very important that you keep an eye on your symptoms keep up with your meds later on you will have monitoring as well just take it as it comes your bub will be in your arms soon.

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    Default 34weeks and pre eclampsia

    I had pre eclampsia symptoms from about 35 weeks. I remember having a routine midwife appt and my bp was a little high so they sent kept me there for 2 hours until it went down. Had no protein at that stage. It wasn't till about 37 weeks and I started to get the white spots. I called the hospy straight away and went in for monitoring. I was admitted that day and induced 5 days later as bp was not going down. One thing I have struggled with is how they managed it. Nobody really gave me a straight answer until AFTER I had bub! It was 'oh yes they are pre eclampsia symptoms but we're not sure if it's developed yet!' .... If I had the experience again I would be demanding someone tell me straight! The one thing I hated about the birth was that they sort of 'forced' me into having an epidural when I really wanted to be able to walk around and get things moving. I felt very powerless in the whole experience. I still think that if I had of been able to move around, bub would have come out on her own rather than the emergency c-section I ended up with!
    Op I think just make sure you are well informed about all the options with birth and what may have to happen. It's good they have picked it up nice and early though!

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    Default 34weeks and pre eclampsia

    It's prob the combo of the bp, protein and headaches. If you weren't on the aldamet, your bp could be a lot higher.

    I think since pre eclampsia can turn very dangerous, they like to keep a closely monitor on it.

    I'm 24 weeks and and on the same aldamet and aspirin as well as labetelol and another beta. I have to see my kidney dr and ob on alternate weeks and I've got a 2+ on the protein so far. They have said its unlikely ill make 34 weeks.

    I'd just be keeping a check on the bp and if it goes past 130/90 or is at that for a few readings call your midwife, esp if you are getting headaches. Also keep an eye on swollen ankles/legs too. It sounds like the protein is going up and they will want to keep a close eye on you in case they have to deliver you early. You are only 4 weeks out from full term so you should be ok.

    If you feel like something is up, just call them. They don't muck around with pre eclampsia. Are you on bed rest? Or have the recommended that? It seems to be the only thing to keep mine down.


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