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    Default Really need some help, a little overwhelmed

    Hi everyone

    I really need some help working out a list of goals for my daughter.

    She's 9 and going into year 4, and i have an appointment with the school next week.

    After she dropped in academic standards last year I really want to kick start this year with an idea of where her education is at, and where she should be at.

    But what should a 9 year old know? What should a kid startiong year 4, so halfway through school, be able to do?

    So far I've identified that her spelling is poor, she has trouble withwords like 'make' and 'lots'.
    2. She also has trouble with her pronunciation, which is related tospelling, but no trouble with reading.
    3. She has some conflict resolution issues and has been on detention.
    4. She has some lack of confidence, perhaps related to fighting with herfriends.
    5. She is becoming confused and concerned about religion through schoolscripture classes and I'd like to know what day and time scripture is on andpick her up early from school on those days. I can enroll her in tutoring ormusic etc and let her explore religion without influences that I have nounderstanding of.

    I really want a good relationship with the school, so I need to be organised.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Can't assist you much at all - as I don't have children of school age.

    With pronunciation of words...I was just wondering if your daughter gets to hear books read aloud to her much? If she isn't, I think doing so could be a very big help. It may also help with spelling too (seeing lots of print). But to capture her interest, the books would need to be nice and juicy - not boring. And perhaps of a level above that which she can read on her own.

    Also, the content of some stories may even help her with the conflict resolution issues she's been having. (so you might be able to address three birds with one stone there!)

    And I totally support the idea of getting her out of those scripture classes. I fully intend to do this for both my kids when the time comes.

    I do hope it's a wonderfully productive year for you and your daughter.


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