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    Frankly I think distance is a pretty weak excuse these days. My PIL live in WA, we live in QLD. DS1 has a great relationship with both of them because we use skype to call them regularly (and they call us).
    DS2 will grow up knowing them really well too because we already maintain good contact because of the skype set up for DS1.

    My family don't do the same however, and I find that really sad because they're in VIC so really they're closer but for some reason they contact us less regularly and almost never on skype even though they have it.

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    We have a rule, I deal with my Mum and dh deals with his Mum.

    But I am the one that does the photo x-mas cards etc so he's mum and he's grandparents (who have never met our second son and has not made any contact), his Aunty all get one in the mail.

    So SIL could make a bit of effort as it is in the kids best interest but majority of the responsiblity comes down to your brother. I would be speaking to him to pull his finger out and mayby your Mum could try and increase her effort

    But I dont think it harms any children if they dont see a set of grandparents. It is beneficial for them if it is a positive influence but it wont harm


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