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    He does all the house house stuff and I do all the baby stuff (while newborn) because they just want boobies and mum.
    So yep that's cleaning, washing nappies, cooking meals, washing clothes, taking care of the animals. Just all the stuff I can't do anymore. He works from home though so has the ability to put stuff off and help out.

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    Default What does/did your husband do to help?

    FL. Great points. Since you know some of my journey you know the stress we've both been under. While Chloe was having open heart surgery at 4 weeks old, I was extremely sleep deprived sleeping at the hospital with her. DH also had surgery that week. I guess what I find interesting is that I suck it up (I certainly did after c section to get to NICU to feed her) that I don't understand how he can't suck it up.
    We've always had a great marriage and been able to negotiate and compromise, but he seems to have lost sight of this.
    After reading everyone's replies I'm inclined to think he's being kinda selfish as I'm not really asking much.
    I feel so disappointed that there's rift as we've always been very much give and take. It's like he's reneged on our agreement when we decided to have her.
    Oh well. I guess it's a work in progress and I will just keep trying to talk to him. Otherwise he's going to find that he gets no dinner cooked for him, or groceries bought for him or his washing done!!! Lol.

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    DP was great He always wanted to be a very involved and hands-on dad and when Matthew was born he jumped right in there! When we had Ben after Matthew passed away I expected he might be more reluctant but nope, Super Dad was back to stay! He would arrange for my friends to take me out and look after the boys all day if I was getting too stressed, I think he just loves being a dad as much as I love being a mummy =) God I sound disgusting but he is an amazing daddy <3


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