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    Default TTC #2 signs and confusion

    Hi ladies. Just wanted some help figuring things out. In our first month of TTC our second child, third pregnancy. I am now 9 dpo and having a lot of signs that their may be something happening in there.

    Here is a list of the signs and symptoms I have had so far:
    4dpo to now- waves of nausea throughout the day
    5dpo to now- dark rings around my areola started to show and have only gotten darker since, light cramping and some stabbing pains in my lower stomach
    7dpo- watery discharge, completely overwhelmed by nausea and could hardly stand all day, insatiable appetite, fatigue, boobs aching but nothing bad
    8dpo- BFN with first response, fatigue (had to have a morning nap when my son went down for his), watery discharge, nausea slightly subsided, no appetite, woke in the early hours of the morning needing to pee real bad with the added bonus of overwhelming nausea when i stood to get out of bed and then the discovery that my boobs were in fact leaking (i stopped breast feeding my son at 6weeks, my boobs dried up completely by 12 weeks, he is now 17 months), boobs aching, blue veins starting to show on the sides
    9dpo- insatiable appetite once again (i have basically eaten myself out of house and home), rings around areola have gotten darker once again, boobs still leak but only the ride side and only if i squeeze it, boobs aching and stinging like i remember them being when my milk flow started to come in, nausea and fatigue are still hanging about had to have a nanna nap again today, discharge seems to be getting thicker.

    Testing again on the 26th of January, will hopefully get my BFP.

    I know all my signs are probably a positive thing but its the leaking boobs that has taken me by surprise! Has anyone else had this?

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    Default TTC #2 signs and confusion

    I have an 18 month old and in my previous bub hub group there are a few mums who are pregnant again and they also got leaky boobs in very very early pregnancy. They also had stopped BF ages ago. I would take it as your most convincing sign! . Good luck

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    Insatiable appetite happened to me too


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