Hi there, In the past 7 months I have created a support network for young mums as I myself am a young mum to a 3 month old.
At the moment there are currently 30 girls from all around Melbourne.
We catch up for picknics and play dates and also have a facebook page that we post questions, support young mums who have upcoming home businesses, share cute photos and talk about lots and lots of random and funny things. I think its been great because I know from experience that the journey from finding out your pregnant to becoming a parent is very full on, scary, hard, rewarding, fun and exhausting and sometimes you need that extra person to lean on and talk to that understands where your coming from and whats going on.
In the new year we are planning to have a lot more catch ups, fun activitys and so on! We support student midwives, so the extra advice and help is awesome (I had a student midwife through my pregnancy and loved every bit of it!)
Would be great to have you on the young mums team and join the fun!
Also I'll add, Young mums is any age under 30 it doesnt matter if you have already had your kids or are a step mumma bear we dont judge and support is always here!

So fling me an email if your keen! @ madison.arrowsmith@gmail.com
Hopefully speak to you soon!