My ex and I have been getting along well since we separated 3 months ago. I've recently put in a claim for CSA so my SPP payments from centre link aren't cutoff. I told my ex that I'd put in a claim, I told him why and I also said he can expect a call from CSA to discuss his income, all of which he was fine with.
My ex told me a few days ago that he'd been in contact with CSA about his income. He recently got a job as a cabbie two months ago. He told me he brings home between $600-$1000 per week. Prior to this job, he hadn't worked for two years. My Ex then informs me that the CSA assessment will be based on his last tax return and I will be getting approx $7/week for our dd.

It's this assessment correct?

It just irks me that I supported him for two years, worked from when dd was 6 months old to support our family. I have bought everything for dd. all her clothes, nappies, shoes, swimming lessons, food, etc.
Until we separated and I told the Ex that I'd only bring dd over if he supplied nappies and clothes, he had never bought her anything. I even supplied the portacot....