I mop nearly every day (lots of tiles, no timber). I sweep (get rid of the sand etc) then dry mop for the dust), then wet mop with a microfibre.

If you clean regularly - there's no need for an antibacterial (pine-o-clean is an antibacteral, but not a cleaner). If you keep dirty stuff off the floors, then there is no bacteria to grow.

About once a month I use my steam mop, I find it annoying as I have to keep changing the powerpoint and it doesn't get under the furniture the same as the microfibre ones.

So the short answer is that it depends upon how often you clean really. I don't tend to use products when cleaning, it's the whole premise of Enjo (microfibre) cleaning.

I do have some nature direct antibacterial sprays which I'll use in areas (toilet/bathroom) which have higher bacteria areas than usual.