My dps grandma has zero tact and she drives me mental his mother (her dil) passed away last year, so there's no nan for our dd on that side of the family, so she's felt the need to step in and be the nan.., which is sweet... But she is so over the top

"It's ok she'll never want for anything because I'm here " (ummm we as her parents are actually tending to that)

She buys stuff/junk for dd from a garage sale for her almost every weekend, and everything she buys is supposedly better than everything I've bought her.

"I bought her a high chair, do you have one"
"Yes we do"
"We'll the one we bought is really nice, it will be really good for her "
(High chair missing safety straps, really dirty vinyl, and cracked tray)

Baby change table.....told her we didn't need it, don't have room for it. Bought us a huge white one, second hand from her friend that babysits,, everything in our house is dark brown wood.... It's now outside holding all my veggie pot plants lol

Baby bouncer... We hosted a BBQ this weekend and it was only the second time they had been to our house. (Dps fault) I had dd in the bouncer, a d on arrival she commented " I should have bought my bouncer it's better, I will swap you next time you come down" . Her bouncer is actually one of those great big fisher price rockers that needs power to operate.... I've tried explain that I take dd everywhere around the house with me in the bouncer, eg shower, kitchen, hanging washing etc. and that's why I like the one I have,, it's portable. Her reply, "the one I have plays music." Our house has tiny so i dont have anywhere to put the rocker, if we had a bigger house id gladly take it, She also rang me on the day of the BBQ and said "I'm making and bringing a potato bake because otherwise there won't be enough food for everyone". Grrrrrrrrrr

It's taking SO much patience to convince her that the things she buys can stay at her house for when we visit, as I simply don't have the space to store them here. Plus, I go and see her every fortnight ... She's my dp's family, I dot even get to spend that much time with my own family!

And finally, dd was crying at the BBQ due to teething..... So I gave her some drops and was getting her off to her nap. "She's got a tummy ache that's why she's crying, don't put her to sleep with a tummy ache"..... No. I know my daughters cries. She's teething and was over tired. When I said its ok I know her cries... She replied "oh but how can you tell. I'm sure she's got a tummy ache." Aaaaaargh

I feel mean whinging, she means well, but she just rubs me the wrong way.