Hi ladies

Well since DH and I have decided to wait until mid 2013 to consider TTC#3 I've decided that for the next 6-8 months I will get fit and healthy and do something for me for a change

I have come across a site that I thought was inspirational and beautiful and thought I would share it with fellow multi mums as there is a special section on post partum body shapes after your twins and triplets.

The website is: www.theshapeofamother.com and if you have a quick scan you can check all the different shapes and sizes of mum's after singles, twins and HOM.

This has inspired me to get involved as i'm very proud of my enormous amounts of stretch marks and my twin skin (because not everyone has it).

Here is a quote that also inspired me


We are all lucky and we are all beautiful and even though we may not be bikini bunnies, rock the body that you have because it nurtured your babies and you are the mothership