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    Default 4 month old sobbing in his sleep

    I haven't posted before but our DS has been doing this strange thing on and off for a few weeks now- the best way I can describe it is sobbing in his sleep. Very occasionally it is more like a cry but mostly it sounds the way someone would if they've had a massive cry and are now calming down from it.. Intermittent breathing sobs. He is asleep through it. I have woken him up from it once because it was so sad to think he was having such a bad time, but that made him more upset! Have tried gently patting/ rubbing him and talking gently to him while it's happening but that doesn't make a difference..

    He generally gets to sleep with a little bit of fuss (or sometimes none; occasionally a lot!) but I wouldn't say that getting to sleep is a major issue for us. We do not do controlled crying and believe in attending to our bub when he cries to let him know we are there for him etc..
    I have been feeling quite anxious lately and having nightmares myself, i think as a delayed reaction to severe stress we had back in September- when DS was 9 days old he became extremely unwell very quickly. Within half an hour of arriving at the emergency dept he was having CPR and they had to shock his heart to get it back into a normal rhythm. Everything had been normal up until that point so you can imagine our shock and how terrified we were. I think I went into survival mode and it's only been the last month that its all hit me, what happened.
    DS is fully breastfeed, and I wondered if he could be getting my stress hormones? But then when he's awake he is very happy and easy going...

    Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else has had their bub sobbing in their sleep and if they were able to do anything to stop it? I hate the thought that he's so upset, it's heartbreaking!

    Thanks =)

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    Default Re: 4 month old sobbing in his sleep

    my DS started at the same age, he is almost 10 months and still occasionally does it. I find just talking and saying "it's okay I'm here" or "shh" he calms down.

    hope that helps.

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