Hi everyone,

so my daughter is 28months and was toilet trained one month ago. Things moved fairly quick with her, she was self initiating on the potty after three days and had a few days of accidents here and there but nothing prolonged. We got rid off the potty maybe two weeks ago because it broke and we use a toilet seat on the big toilet.

She does really well and when we're at home she tells us when she wants to do wees or poos and we take her, but she doesn't take herself anymore. She also HATES sitting on foreign toilets, even if we take her toilet seat with us, we always have to coax her to go with lots of bribing and there is usually a tantrum.

Lately she has been asking to sit on the potty instead of the toilet at home and I don't know whether I should bring it back out just to see if she can self initiate again or just persevere with the toilet?