After questioning my sanity, my depression, my crazy hormones and the damage my uncontrollable mindset has over me at times.... I googled 'are hormones ruining my life?' This lead me to learn about PMDD. It seems to fit me to a tee. It can be mild to severe some months. It made perfect sense to my husband who is unbelievably supportive. But I need a direction to see an expert/ professional to give me a proper assessment and then if this is what I suffer, then a direction in treatment. I live in the northern uburbs of Melbourne. Can anyone give me direction please?
I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get. I felt so terribly alone until I discovered I wasn't! It's a truly horrible condition, if that's what you call it, to suffer. I just want some help for everyone who deserves me in their life, not the other person I don't understand.