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    Default Is there any hope?

    Good luck, my little boy suffered from nipple confusion when he was 2 months old. It wasn't anyone's fault, wasn't my choice to bottle feed, but I had to introduce it at the time due to him being sick.

    It ruined my BF experience with him and it broke my heart, a year later and I'm still a bit sad about it. I beat myself up over it alot.

    But in the same respect don't beat yourself up over it, it's so easy to get upset over it but just remember that you've got to do what is best for bub, and what bub wants. You're still a good mummy even if it doesn't work out, ok!!!!

    Hope the ABA can help.

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    My DD had breast refusal at 3 months so I called the ABA, who unfortunately were not helpful (I know this is not generally the case).

    Eventually I offered her a dream feed (picked her up just before she was due to feed and offered her the boob while she was sleeping) and it worked! She latched on and drained both sides! I was so so happy and continued to do this for a few days/week or so until I was able to feed her normally during the day.

    Just thought Id add it as you mentioned your DS will still feed from you o/n. Good luck OP.

    oh and vitamin king have herbs of gold (as a PP mentioned- I havent tried them) for $22.15 for 60 tablets. Worth a shot.


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