we will be moving to the other side of Melbourne when I am 30-34 weeks pregnant. Will I need to change hospitals? I have heard that Werribee mercy is not a great hospital and that it fills up quick anyway. I am currently going to epping northern hospital for all appointments etc. it will be a real pain because I will be driving 45-1 hour each way for hospital appointments but on the other hand that seems really late in pregnancy to be changing hospitals. Will they make me change? Should I change? Or do I just not tell them I have moved?. I haven't decided on a VBAC or elective cesarean yet but epping northern hospital has said they are happy for me to VBAC, in fact they recommended it. So if I choose a VBAC I think it would be better to stay at epping because I know they are supportive of a VBAC. I have no idea about Werribee policies or even how to find out. However if I end up in hospital with a cesarean that's a lot for DH to travel back and forwards o the hospital for days. Confused!