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    Default Re: What do you spend on your food shopping each week?

    Bassendean WA

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    Default What do you spend on your food shopping each week?

    We had been spending up to $250-300 per week on groceries, lunches and coffees for 2 adults, 2 toddlers. But have redone the budget & now have allocated $150 per week. This amount includes meat purchased every month from the local farmers market. This amount also has include most lunches at work.

    Menu planning is the key. I also find that we don't buy take away as much if I have been organised and have at least one meal ready to go in the freezer. We were also surprised by how much we had in the cupboard and freezer already and won't need to buy for at least a few weeks. Woollies has become more expensive, but if you shop at a centre with more than one supermarket, it is easier to take advantage of the specials without too much running around.

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    Default What do you spend on your food shopping each week?

    I spread my shopping around it can come to upwards of 500 but that can last a while ... I buy my meats at Tasman as I can buy in bulk and divide things into portions ill need ... I try to go to like thefarmers markets for fruit and veg but I will offen go to the local veggie man and everything else gets decided between nqr the warehouse and Coles .... I may only need to top up on a few of the fast disappearing things like milk bread and fruit and veg but it all depends on the plans we have ... When I we working we would pre plan our meals and have a list for the week as to wat was for dinner ... It helped a lot so I could make sure either I had the items I needed out for me or DH to cook or I could get things on the way home from work as needed... This also helped when I lost my job after breaking my leg a couple years ago ... I could only buy what we needed... So the menu plan helped .. By as I said it depends I went to Tasman last week and spend 170 ish and got enough meet that will last us prolly 3 or 4 weeks depending on wat we make


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