In the beginning we saw each other only every weekend, from Friday arvo till sat night/sun morning. We lived an hour away from each other and he works night shift so it was very hard, he would wake up at 3am sunday morning to drive an hour back to his town to go to work (now that's dedication both to me and his job lol) occasionally he would do a mid week visit for a few hours after finishing work at around 9am. He usually goes to bed around 5pm and starts work at 1am on week nights so we couldn't talk at night either (we've discussed that once I'm at work during the day in the future he'll have to change his sleep hours or we'd never get time to see each other) we've been together 15 months now and a few months ago I moved to his town so we now see each other at least a couple of hours every day, most of the weekend and often talking/msging on the phone. Once both kids are in school we will move in together in his house which he owns (so another couple of years yet)