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    Quote Originally Posted by Elijahs Mum View Post
    He has no milk regularly now (26 months) but I do usually make an afternoon smoothie (he drinks about 100ml) with whatever milk is open (A2,goat,almond etc) otherwise its water, mineral water when we are at restaurants ( the poor thing thinks its lemonaide!!) and some mornings he now has a espresso sized cup of roobios tea ( caffeine and tannin free , full of antioxidants!)

    I just looked up my baby connect app and at 12 months he was having 150ml in morning, 100 mil afternoon and 100ml at night - then by 16 months only 100ml at night ( but that was more habit!)

    It's very easy to get calcium into toddlers (if that's what you are worried about with milk) it's only 1- 1and half serves per day of calcium rich foods, easy with a tub of yogurt, veggies, nut butters, seeds, cheese, fish and fruit during the day
    Thanks! I guess I'm a bit worried about calcium because he is allergic to milk so he can't have yoghurt. He is tolerating cheese though and I'm making sure he is eating lots of fruit, fish and veggies. I love rooibos tea, that's such a great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddlesAwait View Post
    Wow, thanks girls for all of that research! I think I'll try soy and goat once DD is 12 months. Then if she cracks it at the taste of those, I'll try rice and almond milk.

    I'm still very nervous about cows milk anyway as when I tried yoghurt, it really upset her stomach and made her very unsettled.

    Babyla, how old is your bub? Good work with the night bottle. I'd imagine cold turkey would be pretty darn difficult, but you have done well so far!
    Hey Cuddles - he's pretty good but I think we're going through a wonder week

    He has been enjoying the oat milk - it tastes really good! I'm going to rotate between a few different milks to try to get him to enjoy different tastes. He woke twice last night but I went straight back down with a bottle of water

    I have introduced cheese the last couple of days and he has tolerated that but his allergy takes time to show up - he gets really bad eczema if he has milk over a longer period of time, so we'll just have to see how he is next week.

    I've heard that milk allergy bubs can't have goats milk - maybe check that? Because of the protein in it... I try to find out more and post here.


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