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    I think you mentioned that you were going to start to keep a record of your day. I would highly recommend this and it helped to keep me sane when I couldn't work things out. I always found there was a pattern to our days, like longer sleep am and shorter afternoons etc.

    I would also ditch the books with specific timed routines as I think they cause more stress than they are worth. If you need to follow a routine a simple pattern of feed/play/sleep should be enough to keep you sane without the stress.

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    Default 3 month feeding pattern - confused

    Quote Originally Posted by Stac84 View Post
    How do you settle your bub atm? Mine has never had a dummy or been wrapped, hated both from day one and is happier to have her arms above her head. I used to feed to sleep wen I first brought her home but from about 6 weeks I tried laying her down n she was fine, just wakes 40mins after, which I don't understand - if she can put herself to sleep why can't she go to the next sleep cycle? And why does she only do it of a day n not night? These babies keep you on your toes I'd tell ya.
    I was having problems settling so I persisted with nappy check, wrap, white noise on, and then either I feed her to sleep in the rocking chair or if she won't take the breast I stand and sway cuddling her upright against my chest. She used to absolutely HATE being wrapped but now seems happy and instantly calmer with it?! Strange I know. And just as she is leaning to roll too and sids guidelines recommend to stop wrapping once they can roll!!

    I don't know why your bub isn't slipping over to the next sleep cycle but as I suggested if she wakes happy then don't worry. My DD is 16 weeks and only JUST starting to nap longer than 40 mins, but sometimes it's more like 15mins too!

    I have the philosophy that she sleeps all night (only semi wakes for feeds) and I can't expect a baby that sleeps all day and all night! I'll take the night sleeper I have lol! Good luck

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    I had a persistent catnapper and I used to try to get her to sleep again, at least a little bit before the next feed (every 3 hours) so that she wouldn't feed to sleep. It was pretty difficult because it seemed all I did was put her to sleep but she soon was able to stay awake for longer so she'd be OK on just her 40 minutes.

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    Throw away the books and follow your baby's lead.

    Unless your baby has
    also read the books and knows what to do.


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