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    Post Returning to work - dillema!

    Hi mummies!

    Okay so here is my dilema....
    I need to return to work in a few months for financial reasons. I am currently on Mat leave, but I hated my job before I left. Basically my role had kind of turned into adhoc tasks rather than admin/accounts which is my position description. At the time I didnt say anything because I was about to go on leave and didnt really think they would do anything as I was about to go on leave. There was also some office politics and it was really stressful. I felt like I was always whinging about my job to my DH. It was also aprox 45mins in travel time each way (no traffic)

    I was working fulltime and will be going part time - 2 days per week. I was planning on having a meeting before going back outlining what I want/need from my job and seeing what they want/need from me and seeing if we can work something out. Also I know that if I work part time I am more likely to not be involved in the office politics, just go in, do my job and go home.

    If I go back to my previous employer, I can get away with working 2 days per week, however if I find a new job I would have to work at least 3. Also if I find a new job, I might find something closer to home and a bit less travel time.

    I'm wondering if I should return to my old job (meet with them first and ensure I am happy with the terms) or cut my losses and find something else? Love to hear your experiences...

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Returning to work - dillema!

    I think if you can get away with going back to your old work for 2 days per week then do it! I would definitely at least have the conversation with them
    first to see if you can work something out before jumping ship. You also need to consider that if you were to find another job elsewhere, you'd probably need to learn the ropes from scratch again which can be potentially stressful. I sometimes think it's a case of 'better the devil you know' when it comes to jobs. You never know too, your old work might offer you the ability to work on specific tasks that you enjoy more than the adhoc tasks you were doing before. As for the office politics, I think you are right in saying you won't have the chance to get involved in all of that if you're only there 2 days per week.

    I went back to my old work 2 days per week late last year and have found it to be the perfect balance for me. I'm probably a bit different to you in that I loved my job and was busting for a chance to go back there. I was rapt that they let me do 2 days per week as the company I work for is notoriously bad for not offering flexible working hours. I'd already told them I didn't want to work more than 2 days per week. I feel fortunate that I don't have to work any more days than that as it allows me to be home with DS for the rest of the time. By the same token, I enjoy working those 2 days at the office as they provide a 'break' from the monotony of life at home and the chance to pee in peace!

    Also, there was heaps of office politics going on when I returned (which did actually make me weary about returning) but I found that I didn't really have the time to get too involved in any of that - just did my hours and went home. Working part-time is a MUCH different experience to working full-time in the sense you really don't have the time to stand around and socialise a lot. You're really just there to do your job. I found that those 2 days really flew by too and I was back home with DS again before I knew it which was great!

    Best of luck with whatever direction you choose to go.


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