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    Quote Originally Posted by αληθη View Post
    I'd love to hear positive stories too!!
    Okay. I thought breastfeeding would be easy, for me it wasn't. I won't tell you the hard part, what I will tell you is that I am extremely determined, stubborn and had amazing support (family). Within 3 weeks the cracks had healed, and my big chubby hungry baby was feeding (on demand) like a pro. I had so much milk, wore breast pads for a year, woke up to a wet bed most nights. MCH nurses told me it was wrong that my baby was so big and I had so much milk for someone so small - that it was unfair on my body to produce so much milk. They said put her on a bottle, i will feel better? I didn't care, baby and I were happy, we had no routine which apparently is bad, but not for us, we loved it. My baby never had a bottle.
    Second baby, breastfeeding was easy. No cracks, blood or mastitis. I trusted my instincts, stayed away from 'professionals' and did what baby wanted and just listened to my body. I know some people struggle, really I do, but I also think there is too much emphasis on 'routines', 'timed feeds', 'pumping' when we should just relax, follow bubs lead and trust our maternal instincts. I know so many other factors can come into play (such as going back to work etc), this is just my positive breastfeeding story. im still demand feeding my 10 month old, we are happy, but still people cant believe i dont give her formula! Best of luck.

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    My DS was so easy an I had so much milk that feeding him and expressing was so easy. I went back to work full time was about 8MO and I fed him until about 12 months. I stopped as it became a bit too hard at work and I knew no better. I truly wish I had of persevered longer.

    My DD was a different child and breastfeeding her was a nightmare. She had colic and reflux, projectile vomiting and fought against being fed. By the time I got help there was nothing I could do to save our breastfeeding relationship. I tried to eliminate as many trigger foods as I could but she wouldn't go back on the breast.

    Never be afraid to follow your instincts and get help like from the ABA as much as you need as often as you need.

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    I will admit, the first couple of days in hospital, before my milk came in, I was in tears at every feed. Yes, my nipples were very sensitive and it took all my effort not to rip my baby off them. Especially when certain midwives on the ward would try to force bub on rather than letting him "sniff it out" himself. Which is what I had wanted to do, after doing the breastfeeding class by the ABA. I was getting so upset, thinking that I wouldn't be able to do it. Then all of a sudden it occurred to me that if I really couldn't do it, the worst thing that would happen is that I would formula feed!

    The other thing I learnt in hospital is that every time you press that little buzzer for assistance, someone different comes in to help. The first nurse you get might not have that breastfeeding advice that "clicks" with you. The second might make a little sense. The third might suggest nipple shields or a different position. The fourth just might be the one that helps you break through all the confusion and makes it all make sense. Just keep pressing that buzzer and asking them to help until you get there.

    And if you don't get there? Like I said, the worst thing that happens is that you formula feed. Not a bad thing at all!

    And it isn't all bad either- my bub is now 10 wks and I'm finding breastfeeding a breeze

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippi View Post
    I wish they would! I would love to hear stories like that! It seems like everyone who every breast fed had trouble, me included.
    I had some issues initially breastfeeding my DS1 too, it was quite hard however it all settled down and we made it to 13 months and was one of the best experiences of my life. But because of my experience I also assumed it was quite common to struggle that much and have problems.

    I am a GP and I see new Mums often for their 6 week postnatal check up and you would not believe how many women have absolutely NO problems with breastfeeding! I'm always amazed when I ask Mums how the feeding is going (at 6 weeks most are still breastfeeding) - overwhelming the MAJORITY say "oh, no problems, all going fine". Haha I'm always like "really?! Are you sure?!" Hahaha.

    So I can tell you that there are many many women who have no problems at all!

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