Hi everyone!

I'm new here and am currently going the the anxious roller coaster of the two week week so am hoping to hear from others in a similar boat.

A little bit about me...

I recently had my period (23 Dec -1Jan) for the first time in a year and a half as I have pcos and am currently on metformin -150 a day. My calendar says my ovulation should have been on the 6 Jan but I believe this happened on the 9 as I had the biggest cramping for a good day and a half after, it was so intense, sore boobs, nausea the lot - and I never use to get any of these symptoms before. My DH and I did the bd on the 8 and then again on the 10. Since then I have had cramping, tender boobs, need to go to the bathroom a lot and feeling exhausted. I know these are symptoms to normal pms but have never had them like this. Fingers crossed!!!

Only 8 days until I can test!

Hoping for some positive baby dust