During my first pregnancy I never received the anti-D shots as I should have and have subsequently become rhesus sensitized. When I fell pregnant recently the obstetrician didn't seem too concerned and just said that he would monitor my titer levels to see if they went up. Unfortunately we lost our baby at 15 weeks due to a rare chromosonal problem. Now the obstetrician has told us that with any future pregnancies the titer levels will not be a reliable gauge anymore.

He has given us the go-ahead to ttc but has also referred my husband to do a blood test to get his phenotype. I'm not sure why?

Has anyone else recently gone through a pregnancy with rhesus alloimmunization and what did your pregnancy management involve? Did you have Doppler ultrasonography or intrauterine transfusions and at what stage?

The doctor also mentioned that IVF/PGD might be an option to look at? Has anyone been through this process and what are the costs involved?