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    Default Changing clinics - donor sperm?

    Hi all, I'll try to keep this short! My hubby and I have had a VERY rough ride with our IVF clinic. They have done things like: lose test results, give me the wrong dosage of drugs, give hubby a massive haemotoma "down there" during a TESA attempt, mix me up with other women, and cancelled two cycles which should have proceeded had they not screwed up drugs and lost tests, etc! It got to the point where I lodged a complaint and got back every dollar we had paid them over the three years, and we also got a free cycle after our refund. That was excellent and we conceived our boys in that cycle.
    HOWEVER we are now attempting our second pregnancy. We only had two frozen embryos left, and all the problems have started again. The Drs are dismissive, have no idea who we are (constantly checking notes for information they have been given repeatedly), treat us like idiots and are completely inflexible in their way of doing things. It's the cheaper clinic BUT patients are definitely just numbers there. Our first FET failed and we are about to have another, which I have fears for. I think I have a luteal phase defect, but every time I mention it I am told things like "this cycle was just a bad month" or "don't worry about ovulating late, you will get your period 14 days later like clockwork" Well, I didn't, I got my period 9 days after ovulation so the poor frozen blast had no chance. I've even been told "No, you have male factor infertility, you're fine"....but what if I'm NOT? They are so dismissive!
    Anyway, we are thinking of switching clinics and I'm finally about to get to the point: has anyone ever changed clinics while using donor sperm? Hubby has nothing at all to work with so a donor is our only option. We have an appointment in 3 weeks with the new clinic, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if you can transfer donor sperm from one clinic to another? Or has anyone had children using different donors? I know some clinics import sperm from overseas so I would have thought transferring in one city CAN be done, but WILL they do it?
    Any feedback greatly appreciated!

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    Default Changing clinics - donor sperm?

    I know you can move donor embryos to some clinics, but I'm not sure about sperm. Very interested to hear if anyone else has any info on this.


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