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    I was nearly 42 weeks. Gel and syntocin. Needle hurt a bit, but other was ok. I went in on a wed night, got gel, repeat gel the next morning which didn't do much. They broke my waters which also didn't get things going much, but meant that it was just annoying enough not to sleep too well (thurs night). I made the decision to wait a bit longer before going on the drip. It meant that if I needed an epidural, the anesthetist would be available, otherwise I would have been going hours without that option. After the drip was in, I waited as long as possible before I couldn't keep going without an epidural. I wanted to have the epidural wear off so I could push and not be stuck on a bed to birth. Epidural let me get some sleep which was great. The point at which things started to hurt again, I asked for a top up. Somehow the extra medication didn't go in the tube properly and half squirted out. Midwife said she wouldn't be able to give me more for awhile, as she didn't know how much I'd received. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as when I said the top up wasn't doing much and described where it was hurting, midwife immediately got the ob to do an internal who said I was fully dilated, you can start pushing. Ended up being able to birth standing up. I really didn't want a c-section and I'd not wanted to have an epidural if I could have avoided it, but recognised this was on the cards with an induction. Didn't require any further intervention, had a 2nd degree, almost third degree tear (he was 4.5kg however, so just under 10 pound). Still had vernix on his back, placenta was perfect, so I'd say didn't need to be induced just because he was 'late' and running risk of placenta break down.Was about 9-10 hours active labour. He was born 4pm on a Fri. I wouldn't choose and induction, it was painful contractions. However, I don't have a comparison of natural labour to compare with. I did vomit a bit too, which apparently is a side effect of the drip.
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    Default Re: Induction

    With did I was induced at 42+1 (15 days late )
    They did tape in the night it had done nothing by morning . In the morning I had gel went away and walked ect for a few hrs when I went back for them to check they said nothing had changed so were going to administer a second gel ....whilst they were away setting it up (about half hour they must have got side tracked lol) I started contractions !
    Time from started cotractions to baby was 50 mins .
    I had no drip or paid. Relief . No further intervention

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    Default Induction

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkIsTheNewBlack View Post
    Hi just have a couple of ?'s re induction.
    How far along were u?
    What method did they use (gel, drip etc)?
    How painful was the actual administration of it?
    Were contractions excruciating? (as I have heard?)
    How long was your labour after being induced?
    Did u need further intervention?
    Thanks so much!
    My waters broke spontaneously at 40+1 with my first but I had no contractions that I could feel. Waters broke at 4am and at 7:30 hospital called to say come in anyway. I was 2cm when I got there and was given the drip at 10am. I was not checked for progress again and the drip was accidentally turned up twice in 10mins :O at 9:30pm I was moved to the birthing suite and as soon as I was in there the pain was unbearable. No lag between massive contractions. I demanded the Epidural, which they gave without checking my cervix, and almost as soon as I lay back down dd's heart rate dropped and did not rise again. They checked again and I was still 2cm! Dd was born at 10:28 via C-section (12 hours after drip started).

    My induction was not managed correctly at all, I know plenty of people who were induced though and had no issue thereafter, it depends what your body is ready for I think.


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