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    Default Re: PHI confusion!?

    I'm in Brisbane sorry and I plan on going to the Mater. I had two failed icsi cycles and a miscarriage last year so I have become paranoid about getting the best care possible. I emailed all the major funds and got it all documented before deciding. I took this information to MBP last night when I joined and they confirmed that all the info I had was correct. I plan on trying again in May/June. Which, if successful, will make my EDD two weeks after 12 months is served.
    ETA-having a private room was a close ssecond behind tertiary hospital care.
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    Default PHI confusion!?

    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkelle View Post
    btmac : What hospital has only single rooms? How do I find out what hospital only has single rooms?

    Plan2bamummy: What hospital? How did you find out what rooms they had?

    It may seem like I am 'single room crazy', but its my first and I don't have my parents anymore (well my dad passed away and my mother has dementia) so I feel pretty clueless and alone (other than fiance and his family of course) and want to be as comfortable and informed as possible. I will be 25 when we ttc (atm 24).

    I don't think any of them have 9 month waiting periods anymore. I did do a search prior to asking and I really couldn't find anything other than forum discussion on latrobe?

    Will make sure I get detailed answers about when bub is covered and how to make sure they are covered from the moment they can be. Its been added to my list!

    Ngaiz - I think I am going to be just like you, getting information for ages! Did you do it over the phone or go into a store/branch? I am thinking we may need to go into a branch just so they can give us the written information as I really want to cover myself.
    We are going to greenslopes maternity ( in Brisbane) opens in April it states private rooms as its not actually open yet who really knows

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    Default PHI confusion!?

    My hospital in Melb (Frances Perry) actually states it on their website, that all rooms are private. The only guarantee they can't give is single or double bed straight away, as that's dependent on availability.

    Maybe look up the websites of your preferred hospitals and call the ones that don't state either way.


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