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    Default Student Midwife?

    Has anyone had a student midwife present for their labour and birth? My midwife asked at my booking in appointment if we would be willing to allow one and I agreed. We are going to a birth centre and you normally only have your one midwife there the whole time you are in labour. I thought that it might be good to have a student as well because there will be an extra set of hands if DF needs a break and also someone to take photos right after the birth if the midwife is busy but I don't know if we can expect that or not.

    Has anyone else had a student midwife? Do they actually do anything in terms of delivering the baby or are they just there to observe? Would it be too much to ask them to take photos etc or will they be busy helping the midwife?

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    I had one. She was a friend of mine and in her final year of uni. She followed my pregnancy from the very start. She did everything that a MW does including internals etc. I highly recommend having them as it is a benefit to you and a huge benefit to them. Afterall how do you thing the qualified MW in the room learnt? I say go for it.


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