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    Default Can't express much anymore

    I combine feed my 4mo DS, who gets BM during the day and BM followed by formula at night. We have chosen to feed this way as after months of pumping, fenugreek, motilium, and a bout of mastitis, we just couldn't wean him off the formula top ups.

    This combined feeding had been working really well until the last couple of weeks when he either gums the c@*p out of my nipples or just seems more interested in his surroundings than feeding. He only feeds for about 5-10 minutes. MCHN said this is a normal stage and to pump again to make sure my supply doesn't decrease. But now I can hardly pump anything. I could only ever pump about 40mls when I was on motilium but now I'm only getting about 10-15. Does this mean my supply has dropped again or is it just because I haven't pumped for awhile?

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    Default Can't express much anymore

    I'm going to paste in a post from a breastfeeding page by Darillynn Starr because I think it's the must helpful thing I've read on low supply;

    "I've spent a total of ten years nursing 6 adopted babies, and used
    the Lact-Aid about half of that time. Besides that, I've been involved,
    to some extent, with hundreds of moms, over the past quarter century.
    Most of them were adoptive moms, but some were bio moms who were trying
    to relactate or had been nursing all along but had serious supply

    It sounds to me like you are doing everything possible to help increase your client's milk supply, and also like she is in serious danger of burnout, if she keeps stressing out over milk supply. It would certainly be a shame if someone who wants to breastfeed so badly, should end up just bottle feeding formula. I think what I would do, at this point, is emphasize the physiological and emotional benefits her baby is receiving from her milk and from nurturing at the breast, and encourage her to relax and take joy in her baby. She can keep using the Lact-Aid as needed just like I and many other moms have. Encourage her to see the Lact-Aid, not as a reminder that she isn't producing enough milk, but as a friend that is making it possible for her to give her baby the benefits of breastfeeding without having to worry about not providing all the food he needs. I think that is the best way to avoid burnout and keep the baby receiving the benefits of breast milk and
    nurturing at the breast for as long as both of them want to keep doing
    it. The reduction of stress may well increase her milk supply, at least
    to some extent. I know that stress doesn't diminish milk supply in all
    cases, but it certainly does in many, including me.

    Making using the Lact-Aid as easy as possible will be very important. If she doesn't all ready have 6 or more units, I would encourage her to get them. Lact-Aid sells a package of six units for about the same price as a deluxe kit, which includes two units, plus the other items that are needed to use it. That way, washing and filling Lact-Aids only needs to be done once a day, or possible twice on some days. Then, experiment with being able to put it on and use it in front of people, without it being noticed. When I very first started using it, 30 years ago, I couldn't have imagined being able to use it in public without it being seen, but I managed to do it and it wasn't that difficult! I had a fabric pocket with a clip on it, that a filled Lact-Aid fit down into. I would have one all ready in the pocket, in a Tupperware tumbler, in my diaper bag. When it was needed, I would reach in, unwind the tube, and cover it in my hand while I whipped it out of the diaper bag and up under my top and clip it to my bra.
    Another thing to remind this mom is that there will probably come a time when the baby will no longer need the supplement from the Lact-Aid, most likely after he starts taking other foods. Then, breastfeeding can continue as long baby and mom want to. That, to me, was the reward for my earlier diligence!"

    So basically, maybe stop pumping and just use a supplementer?

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    Default Can't express much anymore

    I did actually think about buying one of these awhile back when I was pumping to increase supply while DS was getting top ups during the day. But DS is only getting formula at night and I'm only pumping in the day again as he's not feeding properly and I don't want my supply to drop.

    Just wondering if it's normal to not express much if I haven't pumped regularly for awhile? I'm hoping that's the case anyway...


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