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    Default Is 20 months too early to drop day sleep?

    My DS has just given up his sleep at 24 months. He had one today but it's like a once a week thing. I battled with it for around 4 months before conceding it is time to drop it. He is very happy without it and will go to bed 6/7pm instead of 9/10pm which he does if he has a nap.

    I do insist on going through the nap routine everyday and either lying with him or leaving him to chat to himself for at least half an hour though as I really think that down-time is important.

    My best friend's DD (same age) does go through phases where she won't nap for 2 weeks at a time then goes back to it but she is asleep at 8pm regardless of whether she naps or not.

    As lovely as a rest break during the day is, I love love love a 7pm bedtime much more.

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    Each child is different. My ds who is 3.5 still needs a nap and actually asks for it. Dd who is 25 months wouldn't need one at all but I often give her one just because her brother is having one. Both have always been great sleepers


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