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    Default Going out for the day... Feeling so guilty

    Hi ladies,

    I have a wedding coming up out of town and won't be taking DS (8 months). I am BFing 4 times daily which will mean he will miss 3 BFs that day. It's making me feel sick to my stomach about leaving him. I tried EBM in a bottle recently with no luck and I have been reluctant to try again. I know I have to get used to a bottle eventually as he will be going to daycare in a few months, however, I just can't wrap my head around it. What if he is starving all day and refuses to take the bottle? I don't want to distress him without me being there to comfort him.
    Any tips? Suggestions? I haven't had any time away from him since he was born and I know I need to have some time for myself but I'm thinking I should come home early to give him his last BF.
    Also, will I have to express at the wedding so I don't explode? I'm not sure if there will be anywhere at the wedding venue I can express.

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    You could try giving him EBM in a sippy cup? You may need to express at the wedding for comfort. But you can just express enough so you aren't uncomfortable so could you go to your car or the toilet if there is no where else.

    Don't feel guilty. If you have gone this long without time out I think you are entitled to one day out.

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    don't feel guilty at all, you deserve a day out. Who are you leaving bub with? Between now and the wedding I would try again to get bub taking a bottle or sippy cup so you have peace of mind he will drink. Often bf bubs won't take a bottle from mum, so I would perhaps try getting whoever is going to look after him to give it to him. Make sure you leave the room/ or house so bub and carer can work out their own way of feeding. Obviously if it's distressing for bub just leave it and try again another day. DS would never take a bottle of EBM from me, but would from DH. When we first started I left the room and let them work it out, and after a couple of goes they were fine (DS was a bit fussy at the start).

    You might find you have to express, but as pp said you can just hand express enough for comfort if you don't want to a pump etc. If nowhere else you could do that in the toilets.

    Good luck, it can be so stressful leaving them for the first time.

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