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    Default Ahhh dairy and gluten free for 2 kids

    Sorry if this goes on forever, but just need to get it out.. Firstly have 4 girls dd number 2 is 5 and a half and dd number 4 is 8 months old. Dd2 has always had milk issues and never seemed comfortable and happy. After I demanded an allergy test when she was about 1 that came back neg for everything the drs said " she is fine" but nothing ever changed.. In total I have seen a few drs and had many concerns from asthma cough brought on by milk to bellyache poo. She had a few different formulas after weaning at 6 months. Was fine with soy for a little while until it made her sick also, eventually went onto rice milk at about 10 months and still has it to this day. She is a very busy child and a very out of control child from time to time but thankfully getting a bit better. She still has some dairy but most things she won't go near as it makes her feel unwell. Gluten is now reacting with her so she doesn't really like pasta etc and just won't eat it. I have finally convinced my dr to do yet another blood test for allergy related things as my mums family is riddled with coeliac disease and other alike illnesses. So that concerns me as some big changes may need to happen.
    dd4 is 8 months old. When I weaned her just after 6 months she started reacting to stage 2 of her formula so after a coup,e dif formulas with no change we went to lactose free made it a bit better but she then started pooing a jellylike stuff with blood. I put her on soy and the red raw bottom and revolting poo all went away. We think obviously dairy free is e way to go, but one of my other kids gave her a bit of chocolate about half a teaspoon. She then started been a bit spewy and had the runs that afternoon... So she is obviously very sensitive.
    Hubby and I are more than prepared to make a total life change and cut out all dairy and gluten for all of us, but it is a bit daunting all the same.. How have other coped and any advice would be great. Sorry for the novel

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    Default Re: Ahhh dairy and gluten free for 2 kids

    I have two girls dd1 is 5 & dd2 is 3, they have been dairy free for most of their lives and wheat free for a year or more. We are also additive free because dd1 is sensitive. Its not that bad really once you get used to it. Most dairy can be easily substituted in recipes. Wheat-free cooking can be a bit tricky but there are some great substitutes available now and a host of recipes & blogs online.
    if you have any questions I'm more than happy to help out, just let me know what you need.

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    In the begginning it can seem very confusing, daunting and outright difficult... But once you start finding new brands and options you can eat almost everything you usually would. were allergic to all those listed above & then some lol.

    Good thing is you can still have many staples! Fruits, veggies, rice, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils etc...

    Deffinately check out your local supermarkets health food isle where youll find cereals, breads, cake mixes, Crackers, sauces, spreads, pastas, felafels etc. Next step would be to find a really good health food store or multiple & youll find so much more from breads, convenience foods, frozen items, dairy free, soy free, gluten free cheeses etc . (toasted sandwhiches! Yum lol).

    Best thing is when you start noticing them feel better... Its so hard to see our little ones so sick .

    If you have any questions id be more than happy to have a chat with you!


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