Ok my DD is 2.5 yrs old and while we have been trying to get her to toilet train for months it just hasn't been happening even the teachers at her daycare don't think she is ready which is fine I understand each kid is different but we have now noticed that for the last few weeks her poops have gone from being firm and some wat normal to running and almost like she is just starting solids again to the point I've had to get her in the shower too clean her bum at nappy change ..... She was born 6 weeks early but I don't think that would have anything to do with this ... I'm starting to get a lil worried as I'm 20 wks with my second now and I wanted to have her at least being able to tell us if she needed to go before his born ... Also was are abut to move into a new house although we don't think she knows theat yet as we haven't started packing anything .... I'm just prolly over thinking it all cause I'm stressed about everything going on and it's my luck that there would be a problem with her too while we are trying to get everything organized ..... Has any one else experienced this 'bowl regression'?