Hi wonderful ladies!

So. I have a conundrum.

I'm an AIN in Aged Care. Due to financial issues I had my employment put "on hold" (I'm in the community and couldn't even afford petrol to work).

I've decided to cut my days back to Thursdays and Fridays. Now when work said they wanted to "hold" my employment the words they used were "We've taken you off the CURRENT roster (there were 3 out at the time, the remainder of that week, the Christmas & NY period, and the first half of January) until I was more reliable and in a better or more stable financial situation. After that email, I was under the impression that I would be back to work on the next roster (shifts being the 27th & 28th of December). I tried to contact them, to no avail. I was not sent any runsheets and so was not on ANY rosters, as it turned out. I told the boss that I would change my availabilities to Thursdays and Fridays only, as I'd be going through less petrol and will always receive a pay on Thursdays, so will always have fuel money. To this I didn't receive any response. I emailed again to ask if they received that email and I got an automated response to say that the boss was away and wouldn't be back until today.

As time continued and I heard nothing (and the boss was away so they just didn't give me any shifts) I decided that the boss had tried to politely fire me (for lack of a better word). I don't mind if that was her intention, I was unreliable, I just would've preferred it to be more specific an certain rather than so up in the air.

Anyway, as they had not given me any shifts or contacted me or had me on any rosters, I decided to make plans with my other half (who lives interstate). As my daughter spends Wed - Sun with her dad every 2nd week, I planned for him to come visit for 5 nights between this Thursday & Tuesday. He has also booked tickets for me to come to him next month between the 7th & 10th (Thursday, Friday & Saturday). I am also planning to study a Diploma of Nursing this year, and my days in class will be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

SO. I'm not cancelling plans with my other half (he is in the army and going through a 5 week training course where I won't be able to speak to him at all during the entire time - this begins end of Feb). In my eyes I have 2 options....

I can put off study until July, I've already applied for the mid year intake as well (just have to send all the forms through to prove my employment). If I do this, I can work for a few months and HOPEFULLY increase my income a little (although approximately half of my pay goes toward petrol generally, and 40c in every $ made is taken from my PPS so not sure how better off I'll actually be).


I can tell them that I'm planning to study, and have 4 days out of essentially 2 months (so 16 days roughly) that I can't work and will be unavailable from the 28th onwards, and more than likely be told that's not good enough, nice to know you.

I don't know what to do!

Help? Thanks!!

I've now received an email saying that they are willing