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I'm totally against it. Me and DH have lived/worked in rural WA for 15+ years so we drive loads of kms and we both feel like it makes people really complacent drivers. Because people aren't having to think about controlling their speed they tend to 'kick back' and get their brain out of attentive driver mode.

I don't believe it allows you to focus on things other than the speedo, you should be able to maintain the speed of the car without needing to watch your speedo, or a quick glance should suffice (which is healthy as you shouldnt stare straight ahead at the road when doing a long drive or you can get 'white line hypnosis')

Have just spent two weeks driving around Ireland with friends and I had to bite my tongue every time the other driver switched it on (repeat to self 'must not be a backseat driver, must not be a backseat driver')
It's a good point, esp in places like rural wa were there may not be as many cars as say my trip to the coast. I can certainly see how it allows people to switch off.
for me it allow me to focus entirely on the other vehicles around. On trips to the coast there are heaps of speed camera but everyone still speeds, because everyone does it, its very easy to slip into a higher speed accidentally as you are trying to ensure the other driver isn't going to dart in front of you ( which happens all the time) by having it on cc I know I won't get done for speeding. Please note I still check speed and have my feet over the pedals as if im maintaining speed, but it's just like having insurance