Hi Hubbers,

its been an age since I posted... But I have a question that I was hoping other mums might be able to help me out with.

DS1 was a very sprinted child, and so our first 6 months involved lots of hospital trips, screaming and crying. Then after 6 months I went back to work so he has been in daycare.

Now I am a mother of 2 and am at home for a while. The thing is that because I never really did the newborn stuff with DS1, I am not really sure how to work our routines so that DS1 and DS2 get what they need.

Before DS2 came, DS1 and I used to spend heaps of time at the park on the weekend, or we sold go to the water etc. always very active. But now in the QLD heat with DS2 only being a week old, I don't really want to be spending so much time outside.

So I guess my question is a few parts;
1. What is your routine with more than one child?
2. What do you do with your toddie during the day to keep them busy and active?
3. Do you have any tips you can pass on?

Thanks for all your help!