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    Default Taking action against the Single Parenting Payment changes

    Hello all single parents

    Here are some links to petitions and other departments that we can use to have a louder single parent voice.

    I'm not against working, I do work, but I am against single parents being put in a position where they cannot provide a home for their children, food, and other basic things required to stay alive, and especially that single parents seem to be the only group that have been targeted with such huge financial cuts. As it is, it is only barely just enough to scrape by on, to reduce it at all has drastic consequences and the inevitable may be that we lose our children.

    As I said, I am not against single parents working, what I am against is the way they have cut single parent payments to well below what anyone can survive on, let alone support children.

    Please take action to see that, alongside the move to get us employed (in jobs that do not exist), we aren't pushed so far below the poverty line that being a single parent in Australia ends up being a parallel to being a starving third world citizen. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for working, I'm all against what has happened now.





    Get in touch with MPs and government departments and tell them that the cuts in Parenting Payment Single have deprived the children of single parent families of the minimum essential levels of social security - that would be housing and food - and that doing this will not create jobs or solve the so-called problem of unemployment amongst single parents. Tell them that when single parent families become homeless and poverty stricken it will cost far more than the welfare budget cuts are saving them currently to take the children and place them in foster care, or even worse, adoption centres.

    The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations:


    Liberal National Party contact details:


    Labour Party contact details:


    The Green party contact details:


    National Council for Single Mothers and their Children contact details:



    If you have any other ideas on how to protest this please post. I am so worried for the minority group, single parents, in Australia and what this extremely unfair decision pushed through parliament without support from most other political figures.
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