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    Default Moving with a loft/bunk bed?

    Just wondering how DHA or toll i guess handle loft beds when moving.

    My daughters bed is one with an office underneath the bunk bed. But its very strong and I worry about how we have to move it with the next posting. We've had it four years now and she loves it.

    So do we have to pull it apart or is is something Toll does when packing? Its been well over 5+ years since packing with Toll so just wondering what others experiences are.

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    Default Re: Moving with a loft/bunk bed?

    With toll you will make their life easier, and get them out of your house for the final clean quicker, if you pull it apart yourself. They will reassemble at the other end, but I recommend double and triple checking they did it correctly before.your LO sleeps on it. I only say this because they put our bed together incorrectly and DP ended up breaking it and falling through it when he rolled over in his sleep. We were not happy! With our last two moves, we pulled all our furniture apart and have double checked after they supposedly put it back together. Made things easier for everyone. Also FYI they won't put babies furniture together. Its to do with insurance purposes.

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