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    Default Re: Breastfed baby starting daycare

    Though so funny if she hurts herself jasper bounces around saying "give her booby! Booby makes it better!" and he gets really stressed I don't just give her boob. But she will rip my nipple off if I give her unwanted boob.. She has 8 chompers so no....

    But he remembers booby fixes everything.

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    Both my kids breasted until 2 years old, although they were 12 months + when they started daycare so they could have cows milk there.

    I have found though that once they adjust they cope very well with having different routines at different places.....ie one of mine used to be a snacker and use the breast for comfort sucking, but at daycare I wasn't there so she just didn't and didn't look for it. Nothing changed at home, it's more like she thought oh well at daycare we do it this way and she was fine with that.

    Hope that makes sense..... I was stressed about all the same things you are too but none of them were an issue. I won't lie, leaving my kids in daycare was one of the hardest things I've ever done but I really did believe that it was going to be good for them in the bigger picture and they settled in quite quickly. Once we all got used to the new routine I really quite enjoyed having a couple of days to myself to use my brain again - and pick up times are beautiful when you haven't seen them all day ( it's half an hour later when you get them home that it all falls to pieces! ).

    Good luck, I will be thinking of you both!

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    Default Breastfed baby starting daycare

    Quote Originally Posted by missie_mack View Post
    A lot of breastfed babies take little beyond water whilst in care and make up the rest of their needs that night at home. So I would express a little, take it in raw and use a muffin tray or something smaller to break it into smaller amounts incase it isn't needed
    My bub took full bottles (EBM) while at daycare. Perhaps because he was used to bottles as since he was 4 weeks daddy was giving him 1 bottle of EBM for the dreamfeed.

    OP: my suggestions would be:
    - pump each morning when supply is plentiful
    - pump once (or twice) during the day when bub is in care
    - don't stress of you miss a pump here or there. Your boobs won't explode and bub can take cows milk in a few months.
    - do a few practice runs. Go shopping on a Saturday and leave bottles with Daddy: see how much bub will need then.

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