Other than my major phobia, I really dont care about anything else. Very easy going, Dont care about matchy matchy pegs or the likes. It all takes way to much time mucking around with house chores.

I dislike how my husband stacks the dishwasher, He doesnt leave enough room between the plates and they come out dirty because the water couldnt get in!

I am deathly afraid of spiders, If I see one in a room, even after its dead and cleaned away. I cant enter the room for a few days. There was one in my bathroom the other night, It was dead and cleaned up ... It took me 7 days to feel comfortable enough to use that bathroom again without constantly looking out for spiders.

Toilets. Ive been scared of them for the last 21years. I cant go to a black seat or any section of the toilet is black. Id rather hold on. Same goes for steel toilets although I can force myself with steel ones. Black ones ... no.

Toilets need to have the correct water level. I cant handle if the toilet is half flushed etc and the water level isnt back up to its normal spot. If I can see ANY of the bottom of the toilet, I cant sit down. I reflush it and wait until it fills properly. If its a toilet that is permanently "not quite full" on the bottom ... I can force myself but ive been known to not take on a rental home because of the toilet.

Drop toilets / enviro toilets are out of the question. I cant sit on a toilet mid flush, The flush / water etc might get me.

I can handle my own toilet, Im used to the ones in my home but any others, I cant sit right back on them and relax. I barely sit down and I usually am leaping off it the second im done.

Its not the germs im afraid of. I just hate toilets!

Everything else though, Dont care. Im quite an easy going, do it when i get around to it person. Clothes in any order, nothing matching, no order etc.

Food. I eat what I enjoy. Not fussy etc.

Just those bloody toilets!