Ok so I have my son's review from his CT scan and I want to know what questions to ask. But here is a little background:
He has had this cough since he was 2 weeks old, he is 16 months old, we were seen by the respiratory clinic at the hospital. And since about mid November he had a bronchoscope and that found that there is a branch is substantially smaller then the other 4 and they said that there was a high chance that it was connected to his auauta (don't know how to spell it) then they sent him for a dye test and that came back inconclusive, so he went under a general and had a CT scan.and that brings us to tomorrow to get the results....
So what questions would you ask if they come back saying sorry the cough and little branch can't be fixed (a possibility if its not connected to his auauta)?
Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help me to get to know what I want to know lol