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    Default language development/ education

    We all look for the best things for our children, especially education, Im looking at preschools for my 2 and 1/2 year old and of coarse Im looking through 30 reviews on which are the best, which ones are bad, which ones have nicer teachers, etc.. etc... the list goes on
    Im also looking at different areas to help provide the best foundations, my eldest Lilly is 2 and a 1/2 years old and my youngest is 15 months called Amelia
    Im a stay at home mum, also a full time student as well,
    My eldest has not been developing so well with speech, so I have been focusing on that, but her lack of language development could be caused from fluid behind her ear in which we are getting fixed in the new year, Im hoping however one day at preschool when shes 3 might help her develop her language more as she has to communicate more without me
    Lilly already has playgroup on Mondays, Dancing class on Tuesdays, Soccer on Fridays, and Swim class Saturday morning, she is a very active child and I find these activities have helped her follow instructions in a stress free situation
    However I also recently purchased the Little Reader program and I am seeing some positive results in her language, I also taught her some baby sign language so she could communicate with her hands some, I constantly talk to her but she rarely talks back to me
    Im hoping that some other mums have been through something similiar and have something that worked for them that I might apply to my own child ??

    Any advice ?
    ~ Christina

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    You are probably already doing this, but my main suggestion for assisting language development is reading aloud to your children and lots of it.

    A brilliant book for parents on this subject is called The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. Mem Fox also has a great little book for mums and dads called Reading Magic.

    I'm sure if there is an issue with your child's ears it will be making an impact. You'll probably notice a big difference when the situation is resolved.


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