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    Default Unequal Xmas presents

    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    $25 is stingy?
    That's the thought that ran through my head, too. Although I must be worse than stingy since my nephew didn't get anything from us, nor did my sisters baby in belly, although she gave me something for my baby in belly. We've just gone to one income and DP and I couldn't get presents for each other, either, what with that and bubs on the way in 5 weeks. Luckily our family is understanding!

    If I could afford a present for my nephew it wouldn't cost more than $25. Maybe $30.
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    Default Unequal Xmas presents

    Quote Originally Posted by shelle65 View Post
    Yes, maybe she spent the same per family, rather than the same per child.
    Exactly this. She probably figured it wasn't fair to spend 6 times the amount on one family than the other.

    It makes sense to me and its the thought that counts. It would be awful for your sisters 6 kids to grow up thinking it important that they get expensive presents or looking at the value if the presets as the important thing. It's a good lesson for all kids to be thankful for what they are given. It's the thought that counts, not the amount of money spent.


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